What’s the Buzz? Children are growing up in a new era

What’s the Buzz? In today’s society, our children are growing up in a new era and many of them are faced with overwhelming challenges that we, as adults, never faced during childhood or teenage years.

JJ is a 10 year little girl that was born with HIV, however, she doesn’t know it. All she knows is she has a problem with her blood, she has to take medicine everyday in order to survive, and it’s a secret!

Read this article that was recently published in the Washington Post. It is lengthy, but it is a glimpse of reality, fears, and concerns parents, guardians, and healthcare providers have when they inform a child they are HIV positive. She is only 10 years old and has already struggled with foster care, ADHD, and thoughts of suicide. How will the news of her being HIV positive affect her? Will she understand what this means?

At some point, children with HIV must learn the truth of their HIV status, especially before they become sexually active.

With a medical team, psychosocial support, health education, and proper use of HIV medication, this little girl can live a healthy life, go to college, get married, and have HIV negative kids, just like everyone else.

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